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Ursula was still holding her Mother’s cheeks apart, she’d seen the bulbous purple head pierce her Mother, now she watched as the enormous man pole slid in eliciting a mournful sound from Kim, all she could understand was,--- It matters to me. Your baby and I will die because I love you, I just did what I did because I could not hold to lose you.I gasped as she brushed a nipple.She moaned into her gag, but then she raised her butt of her own accord and reached back to find his cock.“Are you going to... to come on my breasts?” Lea asked, looking down at his big cock appearing and disappearing between them."It's exactly the same.“I don’t understand,” Axel said.I just need to touch it.Take it or leave it, teach, your job or a little naked teaching?" he stated firmly, watching his nervous teacher surrendering to his demands.‘Cheers!’ I say, genuinely grateful for the hospitality.She gave him her little girl smile and walked over.She could live with this.He'd just rounded a

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