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Maybe by then I'll give you some relief."I hate abbreviations."Guys can come in here for a little alone time, usually if they want to try out a new movie.Jill, my Queen."Go on, baby.Her tongue thrust past my lips and swirled around inside of my mouth, stimulating me. I groaned, my hands clutching her ass, groping her and pulling her tight to me.I couldn’t help but get a twinge of satisfaction as I saw a rustic metallic ring on his left index finger.Kat remained in her seat as she stared down at the small bold F on her progress report.I even wondered whether she shaved her pussy or not, and if her scent and taste were as intoxicating as mom’s.Chad’s sister looked at us for a second and I swear, it was like she could read my mind.She asked us questions, she asked the guys questions.‘Nicole’ was the first name that came to mind, and by the looks of things, that decision backfired badly.I don't have to cum, either.She started with the pretty blonde girl, and led her into the room

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