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He hung his head in shame and laughed a bit.I was still trying to figure out what it tasted like when I realized that I had downed the whole flute before anyone else had taken their second sip.Joy burst through me. I had to find my husband and thank him.Jane laughed.It was this amazing rush that swept through me. My balls smacked into her taint.“Why don’t we go down to the pool, Sean?”Even though Freya was watching me she still jumped a bit.“Rowr!”The naked slave stepped aside, inviting them in with a graceful sweep of her long, ebony arm.They rested on stage for a short while longer, the show was over now, and only when the swelling in Luka's knot went down enough to slip free from the tight grip of Cylvan's pussy with a soft pleasured moan from the girl, did Rosalyn remove all the bindings from Cylvan, helped her to her feet, gathered up the leashes to all her pets, and finally led them from the stage.She had some great ideas, beginning with a thorough interrogation of the

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