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I eventually started to find some energy and looked round.“Yes, I have a long term project I want to finish, and I’m afraid there might be some surprises today.Here’s my card, let me write my personal cell phone number on the back as I don’t want to get in trouble for using the agency cell phone for personal business,” she says to me as she pulls out a pen and writes her number on the back.I was tired of this dread.She could horribly feel it rubbing against the tentacle in her cunt.Thankfully all the ones in our house have been replaced with double-glazed units so we wouldn’t have astronomical heating bills.In face it was easier to move her body and she could breath so much easier but she also knew Viktor was watching and the prospect of having to milk the cum from all of them again was daunting.Stars danced before my eyes.“15, in fact I got her on her birthday.” Tony says, and my eyes start to well up with tears.I lifted my heavy bag off the ground and walked towards t

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