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The food was hot.“Hey, check it out,” said Betty, directing our attention back to the TV.Very good."I collapsed onto Kristin's heavily panting body and the two of us cuddled for several minutes before either of us spoke."Thanks, Master!" they cheered before burying their faces in their meals.“Billy, you have to leave now.Josh was lining up a shot and Barb put her hand up his shorts and grabbed his swollen cock.Realizing I was struggling, Mom sat forward in her chair and patted me on the knee.The little 'seen' icon that would pop up the message for her would be all the response she would need from him to know he knew it was over.In just a few minutes I spurted and seconds later my Queen let out a blood-curdling yell and fell back onto the bed moaning softly.He explained everything that would happen and said the choice was entirely mine and I readily agreed.Liam asked as he rose to his feet and stretched.She had short, black hair swaying about her face.“Do you guys experience any

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