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There were geeky guys wandering around aplenty, and so, she began mentally tagging and discarding them by their individual deficiencies.“Chastity, honey,” Mom said a heartbeat later, “I'm going out for a jog.We have so much in common and I would like to have time alone with her.I would listen because she was my aunt (we didnt know we were sisters for a long time) and she knew what she was talking about at 10 years old.No sooner than she started to become aware of her surroundings when the second thug grabbed the hair on top of her head and pulled her to his exposed cock.This was his payoff.And he began to thrust himself in and out of me slowly and gently."Oh yes, Julie . . .I waited for my prize.“Honestly, I just could never get excited about the material, or about the job prospects, for that matter.”Oohhh yeah.She could not stop moaning as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate her brother, and with each downward motion, her teenage body rippled with pleasure.“Don’t t

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"What did you do to me?" Melissa cried.I awoke to find myself on Grandpas lap – as he stroked my hair and told me that I was a good girl for taking the punishment.He walked away as he spoke."Come on, on your feet slave!" he shouted.When Laura stepped away, Michael realized there was a wet spot on the front of his pants."Ah, Monica likes that huh?"A small part of her mind insisted that she hated being raped, while the rest of her was throwing an exuberant party in the river of endorphins that coursed through her body.“Yes!” I growled.something as warm and hard and yet soft."Tell me what happened while I was gone."I could edit her...Straining desperately against Baxter’s weight, Lexi managed to withdraw the massive rubber dildo from my anus.My friend lusted for me.Is someone jealous?” She asked in a baby voice.Except I was prey, a deer furrier to be exact.I have no weaknesses, I have no fears.Your parents didn't sell you, at least not willingly."Her dyed-blonde hair tumbled abo