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We’d stay at John’s room, but his friend may walk in on us, and from what I have seen so far, he’d probably want to join in too, and I am not into him like that.” she said, then giggled.He agreed that I looked flushed and maybe should go.On TV, the man pulled out his fat cock and shot his sperm on his daughter’s face and mouth - just like her daddy had done to her!I opened the bathroom door and slipped out.$200 + the change from the restaurant and put the other $1600 in the safe.The heat radiating from her pussy could warm up a house!”She turned the mic back on and woke her slaves.She smiled at me and kneeled in front of me. She opened my pants and looked up at me.Yes, the bodies were many that summer, and they all had just one thing in common.Riding to school was never my favorite part of the day, it took over an hour to get there and dad was always pissed about something so more often than not if I wasn't taking it myself I'd have to hear about it the whole way.“I secon

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